Rifle & Pistol Indoor Ranges

Capable  of handling all handgun calibers and rifles up to 300WSM in our rifle range ,our newly  designed and constructed facility is the pinnacle of indoor shooting.

Using Action Target’s Defender series Class 2 Steel Core rifle rated shooting stalls, each shooting lane  has the protection of 600 pounds of AR-500 armor plate steel. 

Our twin 27 ton Hepa filtration air system ensures maximum removal of  smoke and airborn particles while providing comfortable, cool air  conditioning during the summer, and warm heat in the winter.

With our high-output fluorescent lighting, every area of the range is well lit for maximum shooting pleasure.

In the rifle range we allow up to .338 lapua and in the pistol range we allow any standard Handgun caliber. If you have a question about aloud calibers please ask an employee.


  • Handgun – $15  (Second and Third shooters on same lane $10 each)
  • Long Gun – $20  (Second and Third shooter on same lane $12 each)
  • Auto Guns – $25  (Second and Third shooters on same lane $15 each)